Wine: A Great Vehicle Towards “The Real World”

Welcome back! We hope you had a wonderful weekend. The poll this week consists on music and wine pairings and is another overwhelming success. Vote for your chance to win a bottle of our 2011 Pinot Noir.

This post is less about wine than about your why we are here. I have mentioned before that we plan to use this space to help educate whomever wants to learn about wine. I attended a birthday celebration this past weekend in San Francisco and while I was there to have a great time with my friends, I couldn’t help to notice one thing in particular: young people LOVE wine and LOVE learning about wine. The plethora choices available have only added to young people’s ability to express themselves through whatever is in their glass but now most want to learn what they are drinking and what makes wine A different than wine B. In a time in our lives where we, the young people, are finding our transitionary state of being, between college chaos to a mature adult, we look to certain likes and hobbies to create another rung in the ladder towards our final stage of being an “ad-ult”. What better than wine?

I often say winemaking is more of a lifestyle than a job. Sure, I work. I make wine. But it is everything around wine that makes the job twice as fun. Great food, great music, fine arts, fun people; this is why my job is so fun. All things equal, wine is the best medium for a young person to transition to the adult world. The life and culture surrounding wine makes tasting and drinking wine that much more appealing. I know not everyone loves wine. Heck, I didn’t love wine until my second full year in school. I am just glad I learned to love it.

MSix Wines’ goal is to create a fun, cocktail-party-like atmosphere with our wines and events but also maintaining the integrity of the incredible attention to detail that our winemaker prides himself on. Wine and the life around it is meant to be fun not stuffy; we are here to ensure this happens.


Drinking good wine with good food in good company is one of life’s most civilized pleasures.
Michael Broadbent 


2 thoughts on “Wine: A Great Vehicle Towards “The Real World”

    • Hey, Javi! I am glad to hear you read the article. I get his question a lot and my best answer is depends on what type of flavors you like. Based on what you told me, I would start out with something light, fresh with some character to it. It is sort of a gamble, but Kim Crawford’s Sauvignon Blanc is a pretty fantastic wine to start with. It has a lot of flavors and personality. Plus, if you try the current release (2010), I made it when I worked there! So, try it out. It is great with fresh dishes with goat cheese or salmon. The acidity of the NZ SB pair perfectly with something a little creamy and fatty. Let me know how it goes! Thanks for reading and feel free to send us with any questions at

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