Champagne & Fried Chicken. May 14, 2012. The Park Ultra Lounge in Sacramento, CA. All proceeds to benefit Wine to Water.

Man, just typing that gets me excited! This event has the opportunity to be huge! All three of us are working non-stop to brainstorm of ways to raise money to throw this event. While we know raising money in times like this can be difficult, so can launching a company as three 25 year olds. We are undaunted. We are not afraid to say it: we are thoroughly convinced we can do anything we set our minds on. It’s liberating!

As we move closer to the event, we will let everyone know the different ways you can buy tickets to the event. For now, if you want more information on the event or anything MSix related, email Your email will come to our phones. We’re never too far away to chat about wine!


Accepting one’s fear of failure is the first step in conquering it. The second step is never accepting failure; if you think you have failed, just realize you’re not quite done yet and keep fighting through it.


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