Update. Resistance. Normality.

Wine update: Tasted through the 2011 PN barrels late last week. The wine is showing so well for its young age. Great distinctive Pinot Noir bouquet with significantly more earth and fungal notes (partially due to the native fermentation) with tons bright red cherry fruit and a great pronounced line of acidity working as the backbone of the wine. The alcohol on the wine is 13.5%. A very “Cote d’Or”-esque Pinot! Very happy!

We have been busy bees with the structuring of our charity for May and are finally in the fundraising portion of the endeavor. We have met a bit or resistance in local wineries donating sparkling wine for the event but such is expected in a way. There are so many great organizations jockeying for a couple donations each year, we may have to wait a couple years until we have a string of successful event to gain clout. Undaunted. We will make this event happen.

The three of us want you, our readers, to know how happy we are with our progress as a company and we have to look no further than you, our support system, for what has paved our way thus far. It’s you guys that drive our creativeness, drive our will to not settle in as being a “normal” wine company. We have some much more potential than to just be normal and we thank you for that gift.


Being normal isn’t necessarily always boring but it’s never courageous.


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