Round 2 – An Emphasis on a Lack of Complacency

Harvest number two for MSix Wine Group is nearing and as a company we are very pleased with our first 12 months of production. The wine is right where is needs to be for our projected quality:price ratio. That being said, we have inserted our chips on their respective shoulders again. In our minds, we are back to square one: having something to prove. I cannot describe the pride and joy we have while tasting the 2011 Pinot Noir, as we think we hit it out of the park. Having a good inaugural wine is fantastic. But, creating a tradition on great wines is our vision. Year in, year out. Great wines. Zero complacency. The only acceptable path in our eyes.

Production progress – So, we are adding a Chardonnay this year, expanding Pinot Noir and sparkling wine production (perhaps three-fold for sparkling!). The growing season has been fantastic. Mild temperatures most of the summer, this has turned into a great year for Pinot. Barrels are being shipped in from Marcassin Vineyards. Our Pinot is around 22 Brix, thus we should be picking around September 15th for our Dijon clones and perhaps around the 25th for the Pommard clone. Chardonnay may be picked between the two Pinot clones. It is the time of the year Matt sleeps too little and drinks coffee far too much. Purple hands will ensue.

Label design – A. Never-ending. Endeavor. Honestly, we are SO close to finalizing our label design. The whole label design process has been such a great experience. It has allowed all of us to get our creative juices flowing again and come up with something original, while not going TOO far outside the box. Being outside the box is all fine and dandy and quite frankly, the goal, right up to the point where the box doesn’t recognize you.

Website 2.0 – When we designed our first website, we knew it was a placeholder until we could take the time to design something more permanent. That being said, we have been designing a new website that will launch next Monday, September, 10th. Moving towards our Fall 2013 release date of Brick & Mortar, we will be tweaking everything left and right until we create the exact image we want moving forward. We have made immense strides over the last six months towards our final platform; things are not “perfect” yet. We’re close.

I am happy to be back behind the keyboard and definitely looking forward to writing more come Monday. Have a great weekend!


Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other.
-Abraham Lincoln

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