Knee Deep

Oh man, there are grapes EVERYWHERE! Matt has considered plotting his hours of sleep versus his coffee intake as this harvest has progressed. He came to realize it would need to logarithmic; too small of until of sleep and large quantities of coffee for a normal scale!

Quick note from Saturday:

Report from Matt:

Our Dijon clone PN has been pressed, barreled down and inoculated with Malo bugs. 4-6 weeks out from commencing the aging process.

Our Pommard clone PN is near the end of fermentation with less than 2% sugar remaining. AH-mazing color. Big and supple wine! We should be pressing within the next week, barreling down within ten days!

Our Napa Valley Chardonnay has begun its native fermentation. Slowly but surely… Great acid on this wine, great tropical notes. Really (REALLY) looking forward to following its progress!

Labels! So much work has been done on our labels. We’re close. Very close.


“A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds.”

-Francis Bacon

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