One. Day. Left.

One day left to purchase your tickets for Champagne & Fried Chicken at the original price of $50. Starting May 1st, ticket prices will be $75! We may be sold out by the end of the week! Remember, 100% of your ticket price is tax-deductible and 100% of all event profits go to Wine To Water!

Hope to see everyone in a couple weeks!


Naming a wine may be harder than naming a child. #stayathomewinemaker.

Guts & Glory

Opening thought: MSix Wine Group will open up ‘futures’ purchases within 12 months. It is crazy to think we will finally have wine in bottle and ready to sell so soon. We are going to purchase Chardonnay grapes this year, to add to our Pinot Noir and Sparkling wine. Fall 2013 will be the time frame for the release of the 2011 Pinot Noir and 2012 Chardonnay. Our Sparkling wine will age for upwards of five years so the release date of the 2011 Brut Sparkling wine will be Fall 2017. More information regarding the release of our 2011 Pinot Noir and 2012 Chardonnay will follow soon.

Champagne & Fried Chicken is coming into its final month leading up to the big night on May 14th. With over $4,500 worth of food, wine and travel experiences donated for our silent auction to date, we definitely have a shot to surpass our goal of raising $10,000 for Wine to Water. We will open up to silent auction online for those who would like to help the event by bidding on our 3L bottles of wine or weekend stays in Napa Valley. There will surely be more information given regarding the silent auction as we move forward. Bidding is tentatively set to open April 30th.

Back in the day, we used to write much more regarding happenings in the wine industry, in an effort to help educate those who want to learn more about wine and the wine industry; we got away from that. Today, we move back towards that philosophy. Starting with: sparkling wine.

As most of you know, MSix Wine Group is producing a sparkling wine from Pinot Noir grapes harvest back in October 2011. We bottled the sparkling wine March 9th, commencing the onset of secondary fermentation in bottle; this fermentation takes about six weeks to finish. Ok, if the fermentation is done in six weeks, only one question remains: why wait five years for a release? The answer lies in the yeast. After the yeast are done converting the sugar in the base wine into ethanol and carbon dioxide, they die. Yes, dead things in your wine. But… you should thank them for their ultimate sacrifice; it is what gives sparkling wine its character.

Do the yeast produce the bubbles in sparkling wine during secondary fermentation in bottle? Yes (given, it is Method Champenoise). But, it can be argued their greatest influence on the wine is in the afterlife. When yeast die, they go through a process called autolysis. Autolysis is essential the splitting of yeast cells, which in turns spills their guts everywhere. Yum! Yeast guts! Their guts (proteins and such) give aged Champagnes and sparkling wines their rich, creamy characters. Most vintage Champagnes (Champagnes of which the grapes in the bottle are solely from one single year) are aged at least three years, with the higher quality bubbles ranging from five to ten years. It is these guts and this time that produces the amazing Champagnes that are so coveted around the world.

So, next time to pop open a bottle of your favorite yellow labeled bubbly, thank the yeast who gave their little lives so you could drink that flute in peace and harmony (well, the peace and harmony wasn’t really their doing but good bubbles can bring peace and harmony to any situation).


My only problem with sabrage is all the bubbles lost. I mean, I’m down with big swords and bottles of bubbles; don’t get me wrong.

Put Another Twelve Days On The Clock, Please…

Yes, it is March 1st.

No, tickets for Champagne & Fried Chicken are not available… yet.

Why not? Well, the great response to the event has caused us to relocate the event due to capacity issues. So, yes… There has been a change! Ticket sales will now begin Tuesday, March 13th at 10am. We have a couple AWESOME opportunities in the wings for the event that we want to get nailed down before we release tickets! More information to follow! SO EXCITED!


We are all blessed. The only difference between those whom know they are and those whom don’t is perspective on what is important.

Update. Resistance. Normality.

Wine update: Tasted through the 2011 PN barrels late last week. The wine is showing so well for its young age. Great distinctive Pinot Noir bouquet with significantly more earth and fungal notes (partially due to the native fermentation) with tons bright red cherry fruit and a great pronounced line of acidity working as the backbone of the wine. The alcohol on the wine is 13.5%. A very “Cote d’Or”-esque Pinot! Very happy!

We have been busy bees with the structuring of our charity for May and are finally in the fundraising portion of the endeavor. We have met a bit or resistance in local wineries donating sparkling wine for the event but such is expected in a way. There are so many great organizations jockeying for a couple donations each year, we may have to wait a couple years until we have a string of successful event to gain clout. Undaunted. We will make this event happen.

The three of us want you, our readers, to know how happy we are with our progress as a company and we have to look no further than you, our support system, for what has paved our way thus far. It’s you guys that drive our creativeness, drive our will to not settle in as being a “normal” wine company. We have some much more potential than to just be normal and we thank you for that gift.


Being normal isn’t necessarily always boring but it’s never courageous.


Champagne & Fried Chicken. May 14, 2012. The Park Ultra Lounge in Sacramento, CA. All proceeds to benefit Wine to Water.

Man, just typing that gets me excited! This event has the opportunity to be huge! All three of us are working non-stop to brainstorm of ways to raise money to throw this event. While we know raising money in times like this can be difficult, so can launching a company as three 25 year olds. We are undaunted. We are not afraid to say it: we are thoroughly convinced we can do anything we set our minds on. It’s liberating!

As we move closer to the event, we will let everyone know the different ways you can buy tickets to the event. For now, if you want more information on the event or anything MSix related, email Your email will come to our phones. We’re never too far away to chat about wine!


Accepting one’s fear of failure is the first step in conquering it. The second step is never accepting failure; if you think you have failed, just realize you’re not quite done yet and keep fighting through it.

It’s Christmas!

We wanted to take a quick moment between our million holiday engagements to wish our friends and family a very merry Christmas. We are beyond blessed with your support and couldn’t be more thankful. MSix is so excited for the journey ahead of us and we are even happier all of you are along for the ride.

Merry Christmas.

Love, MSix

It’s not the presents around the tree that make this day so special; it is in fact the presence of those around the tree that creates the warm feeling that Christmas provides us.

Straight Geekin’

Lately I have had the pleasure of talking wine with many different people. Whether it be about wine acidity or permeations of grapes throughout time, I have found out that I am an absolute wine geek. (Insert pushing up my thick black frame glasses with tape in the middle here). But, it’s so much fun. I never knew how much I loved discussing wine until I was an hour deep in a conversation about the technology advances in the wine industry and the resistance by the “old timers”. Again, straight geekin’ out on wine. #soblessed.

Today was also another one of those surreal epiphany days. MSix Wine Group has huge potential. You never realize it until you have other people say, “You’re going to make it” or “You’re on your way to the top”. Such a humbling experience. I’d be lying if I say I won’t be completely satisfied until we have a 100-point wine and even at that point I now have expectations of perfect every year. Some would say that’s unfair to oneself to have such insane goals/standards but other would say that it is in fact this drive, this yearning to be perfect, is what MSix has going for itself. Understand will always be appreciative for the blessing we have been given by finding our passion in life but don’t expect us to ever be satisfied with a 98-point wine; this drive, this chip on our shoulder to be better than even our proponents think we can be, is what will make this company as great as it will be. If you can’t tell from this post, this company has a lot to prove to many people. We know this won’t happen overnight but this provides us with our unyielding focus.

We appreciate all of the support we continue to receive. Every single one of you are our inspiration to continue to push the envelope of how good we can be.


Never being satisfied isn’t about being unhappy; it’s about understanding how much better we can be no matter how good we are.

What. A. Vintage.

Wow. Where did the year go? As the writer for this blog, I can tell you our participation has not been up to par. That being said, I am back! Now we write…

Well, as a quick recap, our inaugural vintage can be described in a couple words: fortunate, near perfect. We got our fruit off the wine the morning of the big rains in Napa. Fermentation went wonderfully. Clean and smooth for native fermentations is all you can ask for. The wines, quite frankly, are fantastic at this stage in their lives. We are so excited to see how they progress over the next 12-15 months before we bottle.

If you don’t know, we called an audible at the line midway through harvest. We were offered Pinot Noir fruit for free! One catch, we had to pick it. Of course, the young-buck winemaker thinks, “Free fruit?! Hell, I can pick that!” Six hours and only 700 pounds later, the young-buck and his friends were exhausted… but sooo excited for the fruit. Again, our native fermentation went smooth. Slow but smooth. We are currently midway through our clarification and stabilization of the base wine and will hopefully (fingers crossed) have our wine bottle on New Year’s Eve to pay our respects for the festivities. This way, every NYE we can pop a bottle in celebration and determine how the wine is aging and when we want to disgorge and prep for sale. Needless to say to 300 bottles of bubbles we should get out of this side project will be well worth the wait.

Check out our Facebook page for the most recent images of our Board Meeting in Carmel!


If the powers that be won’t let a youthful and driven generation have a seat at the table, we will build our own table; not to sit at but to stand on, allowing the world to hear our voice.