What. A. Vintage.

Wow. Where did the year go? As the writer for this blog, I can tell you our participation has not been up to par. That being said, I am back! Now we write…

Well, as a quick recap, our inaugural vintage can be described in a couple words: fortunate, near perfect. We got our fruit off the wine the morning of the big rains in Napa. Fermentation went wonderfully. Clean and smooth for native fermentations is all you can ask for. The wines, quite frankly, are fantastic at this stage in their lives. We are so excited to see how they progress over the next 12-15 months before we bottle.

If you don’t know, we called an audible at the line midway through harvest. We were offered Pinot Noir fruit for free! One catch, we had to pick it. Of course, the young-buck winemaker thinks, “Free fruit?! Hell, I can pick that!” Six hours and only 700 pounds later, the young-buck and his friends were exhausted… but sooo excited for the fruit. Again, our native fermentation went smooth. Slow but smooth. We are currently midway through our clarification and stabilization of the base wine and will hopefully (fingers crossed) have our wine bottle on New Year’s Eve to pay our respects for the festivities. This way, every NYE we can pop a bottle in celebration and determine how the wine is aging and when we want to disgorge and prep for sale. Needless to say to 300 bottles of bubbles we should get out of this side project will be well worth the wait.

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