Straight Geekin’

Lately I have had the pleasure of talking wine with many different people. Whether it be about wine acidity or permeations of grapes throughout time, I have found out that I am an absolute wine geek. (Insert pushing up my thick black frame glasses with tape in the middle here). But, it’s so much fun. I never knew how much I loved discussing wine until I was an hour deep in a conversation about the technology advances in the wine industry and the resistance by the “old timers”. Again, straight geekin’ out on wine. #soblessed.

Today was also another one of those surreal epiphany days. MSix Wine Group has huge potential. You never realize it until you have other people say, “You’re going to make it” or “You’re on your way to the top”. Such a humbling experience. I’d be lying if I say I won’t be completely satisfied until we have a 100-point wine and even at that point I now have expectations of perfect every year. Some would say that’s unfair to oneself to have such insane goals/standards but other would say that it is in fact this drive, this yearning to be perfect, is what MSix has going for itself. Understand will always be appreciative for the blessing we have been given by finding our passion in life but don’t expect us to ever be satisfied with a 98-point wine; this drive, this chip on our shoulder to be better than even our proponents think we can be, is what will make this company as great as it will be. If you can’t tell from this post, this company has a lot to prove to many people. We know this won’t happen overnight but this provides us with our unyielding focus.

We appreciate all of the support we continue to receive. Every single one of you are our inspiration to continue to push the envelope of how good we can be.


Never being satisfied isn’t about being unhappy; it’s about understanding how much better we can be no matter how good we are.