’98 La Grande Dame and Popeye’s: My Definition Of A Perfect Meal.

Friday! Fun Friday! Yes! More funny wine pictures below. Thank you to those who sent pictures in!

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I think the best Fun Friday drink would HAVE to be champagne. Bubbles have a way of lighting up a night. It has something to do with the little bits of excitement climbing out of our glasses. So, what can you eat everyday that will accentuate champagne? Fried chicken! Imagine this: open a ’98 La Grande Dame with a couple friends – not too many friends, this is a great bottle – and devour a 12-piece bucket of Popeye’s. The acidity in champagne pairs perfectly with the fatty greasiness of the fried chicken; it’s like a match made in wine heaven! Other great bubble pairs include Fritos and potato chips. I went to a champagne tasting last December and the first thing we were out of was Fritos! Later, expensive cheeses and meat trays. Hello, fried chicken and Fritos! (Don’t tell my dietician).

Should be a nice weekend for a run here in the Valley. My advice: bring your own water.

Update on our progress with Wine To Water: I spoke with the Director of Wine with Wine to Water yesterday. We are in the process of creating a partnership with Wine To Water, allowing us to donate a percentage of our proceeds to the organization as well as host tasting events (Pinot and Pizza, Champagne and Fried Chicken!) to raise money to help their cause. I challenge our readers to find something you that inspires you towards change, wine-related or not, and act on it. Send us your stories for your chance to win a bottle of our limited release 2011 Pinot Noir. Like I said yesterday, we cannot underestimate what we are capable of when we find something we believe in. One person can change the world.

Have a great weekend! Happy sipping!


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