Grape Lady Falls!

Happy Friday! We are going to take a light-hearted approach to Friday on the blog. Funny videos or interest “non-geeky” articles, even cool label designs.

Rated the number three “iconic internet” video of all-time with just under 10 million views, “Grape Lady Falls!” is an instant classic. Perhaps the two best parts of the entire video are 1) the cameraperson continues to film for a solid eight seconds after she falls and starts to moan in agony and 2) the reaction from those back in the studio: “Oh no. Oh dear. I think she is actually hurt there.” You know they are trying to show [perhaps] genuine concern for their fallen comrade while trying not lose their composer to laughter like Charley Steiner in the 90’s. BTW, yes, that pun was intended. If she had not tried to cheat and yell, “Stop!” to freeze her competition to only kick it in overdrive, she would not have face-planted herself from five feet up. Serves you right, cheater.

I recently share this on my Facebook page but it is a perfect article to my fellow pool-side wine drinkers. We only do it for our health, duh. Drink wine, don’t get sunburned.

No vineyards pictures as promised yesterday. The day got a little crazy in Napa and I ran out of time! Next week, re-promise! In the meantime, check out these awesome and purely original wine labels ideas! Pure inspiration for us at MSix Wines as we attempt to hammer out some details in our marketing meetings this weekend! Cool Friggin’ Wine Labels.

Please feel free to email us at any cool wine labels you see while you’re tasting this weekend or cool stuff while strolling through the world. We will be posting our favorite pictures you share next Friday. We really appreciate all the feedback so far! Happy sipping this weekend!

-M. Iaconis

I cook with wine; sometimes I even put it in food.
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