Well, this being our first blog entry, we would like to introduce ourselves:

We recently traveled to Beaune during a European adventure as part of a winemaking quest to discover the untold stories of what makes the wines from Burgundy, and their makers, so unique. The care we found from the winemakers in Beaune, and surrounding villages, truly was inspiring. No corporate pressure. No marketing pressure. No quality sacrificed in order to get wine out the door faster. The sole job for the winemakers in Burgundy is to make the very best wine possible. Period. Wine quality in America is often sacrificed to make an extra buck, a day earlier. In the “instant gratification” driven country that America has become, the wine industry is a prominent culprit, or should we say, victim. There are some exceptions, mainly those wineries whose owners have enough capital to spend as much as necessary to create the best wine possible. In a way, we admire the fact they do the “little things” to make the best product they can. But realistically, unless you are shooting to those oenophiles or “label chasers” whom will spend hundreds upon hundreds on a single bottle, these business practices simply are not sensible.

Enter MSix Wines. A trio of guys with a passion for wine, each bringing a very unique skill to the table: Jordan – business and marketing guru, EJ – anything and everything legal, and Matt – our resident grape stomper. We all have successful careers outside of this venture so the need to make a quick buck doesn’t exist here. We are in this to make great, affordable wine to share with others. We strive to take what inspired us in Burgundy back to California, creating a product we are proud to put our names on.

Our intentions for this blog are rather simple. We plan to use this space to allow our families, friends, fans and customers to follow us on this journey to create a great wine as well as to help educate and inform our readers on current issues and aspect of winemaking through multiple forms of media, in an effort to create a conversation, furthering the growth of the wine industry as a whole.

MSix Wines’ Facebook page should be up early September, just in time for our inaugural harvest, so until then feel free to follow us on Twitter: @msixwines.

-M. Iaconis

Knowledge is for the world to own.