A Little Dirty, Slightly Bretty, Early 80’s Grand Cru Gem From Vosne-Romanée

Finally, Friday! Fun Fridays, part deux! Here are a slideshow of a couple funny pictures I saw this week.

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Also, on Fridays we are going to post everyday food that can pair really well with wines. If you read yesterday’s link to the article regarding critics and sommeliers, you know that you should eat what tastes good to you with whatever you drink. So, I guess these will be what I think taste well together! Obviously, I will start with Pinot Noir. A great friend of mine turned me onto a concept I can only describe as “Pinot and Pizza”. I have had some of my favorite reunion dinners, dates, I-don’t-want-to-cook nights with Pinot and Pizza. The kind of pizza you have depends on what you like – vegetarian, meat lover, etc – and the wine fits the same bill – fruit-bomb from Sonoma, a little dirty, slightly Bretty, early 80’s Grand Cru gem from Vosne-Romanée or you local house wine. My favorite is a meat-filled pizza, limited vegetables (especially green bell peppers – capsicums for my Southern Hemisphere friends) and “a little dirty, slightly Bretty, early 80’s Grand Cru gem from Vosne-Romanée”. I mean, a guy can dream, right?

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