A Wine’s Aura: Who Creates It?

Friday Eve! Below are a few picture from early this morning up at Antica Napa Valley. We will be producing our wine at this amazing facility. A special thank you to Nate, winemaker at Antica, for allowing me to run around with my camera this morning! Seeing the fruit for the first time was very exciting. Véraison has just started! The countdown for harvest has officially started! This is going to be a great year for Pinot (weather permitting, fingers crossed)!

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I read a very intriguing article yesterday about wine and its complexity. Or should I say, perceived complexity. The article touches on the role of critics have on the aura created around wine and how wine writers amplify this aura. I think wine’s aura may have first been created by winery owners in order to justify charging what they charge for a bottle of wine, but everyone, me, you, winemakers, wine critics, all add to a wine’s aura now. Champagne aficionados are probably the biggest culprits of all, with their product being the sole wine style which stands for celebrations. Its something about those little bubbles and the **clink clink** of glasses that creates a slightly “holier than thou” feeling about champagne. But hey, I am not saying I don’t like feel slightly richer than I am when I open a bottle of La Grande Dame. Its the fun of wine and champagne: when we sip it, we can live in the moment, forget about our troubles and cherish the nectar of the gods and those whom we share it with.


What is the definition of a good wine? It should start and end with a smile.
William Sokolin