Why We Do This…

Festivus of the week! Well, I lied yesterday. I said we were going to launch the Facebook and Twitter pages from MSix Wines next Monday at 8 am. Due to demand, we pushed it up to 8 am THIS MORNING! So, they are up and running. ‘Like’ our page on the right side of the blog for your chance to wine a bottle of our inaugural vintage Pinot Noir.

Recently, we have had a couple people ask us why did we start this wine company now. Why now?  I think it is a pretty valid question. Of course, I could state the easiest answer of “Why not?” and that would be sufficient but it wouldn’t spread our story, our mission.

Being in my mid-twenties and in the wine industry, I do not feel like most wineries know how to connect with people of my generation. They shoot for high rollers with deep pockets and unfortunately, that usually doesn’t involve many people in the mid-twenties. We are often forgotten when it comes to marketing and wine education. There are a lot of young adults whom want to learn more about wine, who want to experience more than just sipping at home, but there are very few avenues to teach them about wine. Wine blogs are usually too “oenophillic”. Tasting rooms can be too daunting to ask questions due to the proximity of the other tasters. And how many young peeps have friends in the wine industry willing to educate in a way they can actually understand? Not many. So, where can young adults learn wine in the current structure? And is it fun to learn? Wine is supposed to be a fun, interactive hobby. Sure, I read a ton of wine articles, books, reviews, blah blah blah but it my industry; this is my job. There is no place where people can just casually learn about wine, especially nothing in a fun manner. Heck, I was a novice not that long ago and I went through the exact same situation: I wanted to learn about anything and everything wine but I couldn’t find any avenue to do so and still have a good time doing so; this void is what we hope to fill.

Our mission with this long is to use this space to allow our families, friends, fans and customers to follow us on this journey to create a great wine as well as to help educate and inform our readers on current issues and aspect of winemaking through multiple forms of media, in an effort to create a conversation, furthering the growth of the wine industry as a whole. We don’t just want to tell you stuff in a dry, boring manner. My goal is to achieve the mission of this blog in a fun way. Honestly, I absolutely love my job and being in the wine industry purely because of how fun of an industry it is to be in; this blog will hopefully convey my love for wine in such a way that the readers can learn a bit about wine in an exciting way from someone who was in their shoes five years ago!

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Much education today is monumentally ineffective. All too often we are giving young people cut flowers when we should be teaching them how to grow their own plants.
John W. Gardner